Bruce Bennett Photographer   

Houston photographer Bruce Bennett spent the early part of his career working on deadline in the largest media market in Texas as a location lighting specialist for the late, lamented Houston Post. The on-staff experience provided invaluable training for creating the highest quality images in the shortest possible time. This pre-digital era required photographers shooting film to work ”without a net”: no polaroids, no LCD’s, no tethered laptop previews. The margin of error, particularly with transparency film, was small. Knowledge of lighting and composition equaled power in the form of speed, accuracy, and, most importantly, quality.

Today, while working in an all-digital environment, Bruce subscribes to the maxim “shoot like it’s film, process like it’s digital.”  While offering clients all the advantages of large high-res RAW files, low-noise high ISO speed and cutting edge post-production techniques, Bruce believes the heart of the process begins where it always has: in the photographer’s eye. This merging of enduring craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technology simply adds up to a better product at a better price, one created with the speed and immediacy of editorial photography but with the artistry and production values essential to commercial work. Large group portraits, environmental portraits, products, architectural interiors, and all manner of location work can be shot in a fraction of the time they once took without sacrificing quality. The savings in time equals savings in money.

Bruce believes in listening to his clients, preventing problems before they occur, visiting the site ahead of time, planning the shoot in advance, being flexible if changes occur, asking questions, providing feedback, showing up early, working quickly, meeting deadlines, sticking to the estimate, and repeating these actions as necessary.